Aubrey Busek a new talented designer!


Since I like to wear pieces from  new talented and passionate designers, I always use instagram in order to discover them !Last month I found Aubrey Busek a new intelligent and passionate designer , who caught my attention! Her designs are so  amazing and so carefully tailored that they make you fall in love with them immediately!

She uses in her designes silk , lace, linen, cotton ,wool and she does hand embroidery and beading on some of her pieces  , which I totally love, because they  make  women feel sexy and at the same time so classy!

Aubrey started designing at the early stage of her life since  “I remember altering my clothes in middle school with patches and paint,” So as you can imagine after graduating  from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta she started her own successful brand !

In her collections you can see that Aubrey tries to bring out the feminine side of the woman “I really want to flatter women’s bodies and make them feel amazing!”by  using satin, organza and lace “I create pieces that could be worn in the boudoir, but you can easily incorporate them into your regular outfit,” says Aubrey, “I want women to be fearless while wearing my clothing. I also like to think about my designs as very easy, glamorous yet very fashion- forward and art-centric,” she adds.  

You can shop her collection here

For inquires and sales :

Instagram: Busek the brand





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