Aubrey Busek’s amazing dress

So, this morning I woke up very tired… I wasn’t in the mood for doing pretty much anything, or seeing anyone at that, but then the door bell rang, and changed everything!

It was the post man, and he had a package for me! It was a present from my beloved and talented friend, fashion designer, Aubrey Busek!

I accepted with great joy, and rapidly opened it, like children to do on Christmas who have anxiously been awaiting that moment.

Before getting to the actual gift, I have to take some a second to describe the packaging. Not only did it catch your eye immediately, it was by far, the most luxurious and well-packaged gift I had ever seen! The present, a dress, was so carefully wrapped and the monogrammed card included was so touching!

Moving on, and enough with the packaging… it is about time to talk about my new elegant and sexy dress , which was named after me! Isn’t that amazing??!!! A dress with my name!

What I really love about this dress, apart from the design and the colour, is the detailing on the hem and the sleeves!I adore the combination of the two white laces at the end of the dress. I found it so cute and sexy at the same time, and of course I‘m obsessed with the pom poms on the sleeves – which is another must for this summer !


I would like to thank my favorite talented designer Aubrey Busek for this amazing dress and for naming it after me! Aubrey I‘m so proud of you !

More details about Aubrey’s Collection here




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