20 wardrobe essentials every woman should have!Part One!

Hallo my beautiful friends, today I m going to show you 20 wardrobe essentials every woman should have!







1.White Shirt

I have one for my skirts: HM

One for my leggings: Zara

One for my trousers & pencil skirts : Tk Maxx


2. Black /White dress

I love black dress the following are my favourite:

M Missoni

Michael Kors

Access Fashion

Miss Sixty


And my Victoria Beckham

3. Black Blouses

For my skirts : Mango

For my leggings: Tk Maxx

For my jeans: M Missoni


4. Leather Jacket

My black one is more casual

My Camillo from Hugo Boss for the evening


5. Rain Coat

My one and only olive rain coat from Burberry!!


6. Coat

My black from Max Mara for my skirts & dresses

My navy blue from Burberry for my jeans & leggings

My white one from HM for Autumn


7. White T-Shirt

Old time classic


8. Black / White blazer

My black one with leather details from HM

My white one also from HM


9. Black / White jackets

I love both of them because they are warm & cosy and anytime I don’t know what to wear I choose them!

From Celestino

From Ralph Lauren 

10. Vest

Since, I came to Germany, I became a vest lover!I wear it with everything and especially under my coat b/c it keeps me warm !

From Burberry






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