Brunch with hubby

Hallo my beautiful friends!


This Sunday the weather was so sunny and warm and having brunch at Zentral in Bochum was a great idea!

The food is so delicious and the place so cosy and elegant, that I enjoy every moment there!






You definitely have to taste the FrenchToast! The syrup  and the crispy bacon are delicious !






I know we are two and we always order for three ,but we couldn’t resist on all these delicious goodies!

Last week was my Name day , so I got some goodies from my hubby and today was a great opportunity for me to wear them 😉


An amazing-stunning-gorgeous scarf from Hermes! I tried more than ten scarfs ,but this one was love from the first sight!I love the colour combination !


And of course my first Dior bag! I wanted a black bag for a long time. I did some research and I finally got my amazing Diorama in gold and black!

I’ll do a post for ” what is inside  my Dior “soon ,so more info about my bag there 😉

My outfit:

Leggings: Zara

Shirt: Tk Maxx

Blouse: Zara

Shoes: Old

Leather jacket: Hugo Boss

Bag: Dior

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Scarf: Hermes

Bracelet: Hermes

Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics















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